Links To The Present: January 18, 2011

January 18th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“The Cavs have lost 23-of-24 and are stuck in one of the worst ruts in team history. They won just one game in December and they’re winless in January. They host the Suns and Milwaukee Bucks this week, teams with losing records. They represent the best shot the Cavs have at getting a win this month, although they do get the Denver Nuggets at home next week and Carmelo Anthony could be long gone by then.” [Jason Lloyd]

“A positive attitude mixed with the knowledge that there is a bigger picture is what’s helping the Cavaliers through this time.¬†Antawn Jamison¬†doesn’t remember the longest losing streak of his career — ‘I tend to forget those moments,” he says — but he knows he has been through worse. He’s using that experience and his role as team veteran to help him now.'” [Jodie Valade]

“It’s tough to keep your spirits up after some of the losses that we’ve had. When I wake up the next day, I always look at it as another opportunity to get better. That’s what keeps me going. I know we have a bunch of young guys here who are willing to work. This is a golden opportunity for them as players.” [Byron Scott via Bob Finnan]

“The worst thing you can be in the NBA is middling. After the Price/Nance/Daugherty/Hot Rod era of the Cavs ended, they consistently were a 40-42 win team, sneaking into the playoffs and missing the lottery. That does nothing for your rebuilding, especially in a market like ours. No major stars are going to sign free agent deals here in Cleveland. That is the truth. So the Cavaliers are better off holding their cards, stocking draft picks and cap space, and hoping to hit the lottery with their own high draft picks. The last time they allowed themselves to hit rock bottom, they hit the lottery with LeBron James.” [TD of WFNY]

And now, your moment of zen.

On The Twitters

“I can’t recall an era where there are so many technical fouls/ejections rescinded by the #NBA. And its only January.” [Scott Sargent]

“Lol, chuck doing the duggie. It was more like where my headset at. Lmao…..” [Mo Williams]

“I could pretty much listen to Derek Fisher talk about Legos and think it was interesting.” [Kurt Helin]