January 12, 2011

January 12th, 2011 by Colin McGowan

“I’m sorry. This is not NBA basketball.” [Bob Finnan]

“All of the anguish from last summer, all of the losses from this season, all of the frustration from two prolonged losing streaks and all the aggravation from a roster ravaged by injuries cumulated into a crashing, reprehensible, resounding thud Tuesday night at Staples Center.” [Jason Lloyd]

“[Last] night was an absolute disaster for Cleveland sports. With the 112-57 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers (the NBA’s worst in 13 years and third largest margin of victory in LA’s storied history), the Cavaliers fell flat on the faces yet again.” [Jacob Rosen]

LeBron’s “Karma”-gate

“An expert now in Eastern religions, LeBron James, who can do anything (just ask his entourage), chided Cleveland fans for being unkind to him Tuesday night. He said they had bad karma because of it.” [Bill Livingston]

“James had to be laughing as he tweeted his comment, knowing that just last season when he was a member of the Cavaliers, they went into the Staples Center on Christmas and beat the Lakers 102-87.” [Ryan Isley]

“About a hundred different thoughts went through my mind when I first heard [Bron’s tweet]. The biggest thought, though, is ‘why is karma on LeBron’s side’? After all, Dan Gilbert never said anything negative about LeBron while he was a player in Cleveland, and if we’re being honest, there were some opportunities for Gilbert to deliver some harsh words at times for LeBron’s actions and performances.” [Andrew of WFNY]

And to round things out, a WFNY mailbag, where Scott Sargent fields questions about possible trades, draft prospects, and the possible lowering of ticket prices next year.

On The Twitters

“The ankle is getting Better! Another great day of rehab.. Almost back!” [Boobie Gibson]

“Cavaliers play the Nets on the 24th of this month… That’s like the Washington Generals playing the Washington Generals.” [realcavsfans]

“My ankle is ok” [Christian Eyenga]