Broussard: Cavs almost completed three-way deal with Nuggets, Nets

January 6th, 2011 by John Krolik

According to’s Chris Broussard, the Nets, Nuggets, and Cavs almost completed a three-way deal that would have sent Carmelo to New Jersey, Favors, Devin Harris, a lot of picks, and the Cavs’ 14.5 million trade exception to Denver, and Troy Murphy and two first-round picks to the Cavs. According to Broussard, the deal fell through because Carmelo wouldn’t sign an extension with the Netsand the Cavs and Nuggets both want the Warriors’ top-7 protected 2012 1st-rounder, which the Nets currently possess.

A few thoughts:

1. Props to Dan Gilbert for reportedly being willing to eat the rest of Murphy’s remaining (expiring) contract to get the team a few first-rounders. Teams with bad talent and bad coaching are bad — teams with bad ownership stay bad.

2. I’m probably the only person who likes Troy Murphy’s game less than Avery Johnson. He can shoot threes and rebound, but his offensive game is awkward, and he doesn’t score inside, defend, or pass. He’s much better on paper than he is on the court, and I don’t think he’d help the Cavs very much at all, especially if the Cavs don’t manage to move Jamison.

3. There’s no way that Nets team would be much better than the Nuggets are now, right? An underperforming Brook Lopez, no draft picks, and Carmelo? Where does that really get you? This is going to be a weird trade when it happens.

Well, that’s all for right now. Hopefully the Cavs can get some first-rounders before this deadline is up. That’s all I want.