It’s time to think Cavalier Thoughts

January 4th, 2011 by John Krolik

For the last year or so, I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people that want to know how to get my “job,” or “gig,” or whatever this is. I generally tell them the same thing — write every day, spend time being a good commenter or message board poster, build a following that way, learn the game and how to write about it, and be patient.

One person who never emailed me was the commenter we’ve all come to know as “Rich,” but he followed my advice anyways. For at least a year, Rich has commented on just about every post I’ve written in a thorough and intelligent fashion, he’s never campaigned for a gig, and he’s started a Cavs blog at a time when only the most die-hard fan would start a Cavs blog.

The blog is called Cavalier Thoughts, and I encourage you to give it a click. These are bleak times, and the devotion of fans/writers like Rich is going to have to make up for a lot of missing victories. Check out the blog if you have time — I hope you like it as much as I’ve liked Rich’s contributions to this blog.

P.S. — I’ve been meaning to say this for a while, and it may seem hypocritical to do it now, but DO NOT PIMP YOUR BLOG IN THIS COMMENTS SECTION. I WILL BAN YOU. I am serious. It is a pet peeve. If you have a blog you think is good, email me or trust that I’ll find it on my own and I’ll be happy to promote it for you. That is all.