How To Relax During the Next Two Days


First Things First:

-I probably should have done a better job explaining the WWL paraphernalia that now adorns this site, seeing as to how it’s the reason this site exists and a fairly huge deal. In my defense, I was really tired and had spent four hours jostling with media members and watching my team get killed and then two more hours writing two separate recaps of it.

-For those of you visiting this site, I’m really excited to be bringing you this site. It’s my goal to make this the best independant blog destination about the Cleveland Cavaliers out there today, and I’m really excited to be able to run my own site again.

-And while this is less of an issue than it is for other sites in the network, allow me to assure you that this is my site, despite what it says on the top. All opinions here are mine and mine alone, and I have sole control over what goes on here. This is still going to be an irrelevant site with real thoughts and analysis constructed to serve nobody but my readers.

-With that said, this doesn’t mean I’m going to be running around and trying to say the most vile things I can in order to get attention. There will be standards here, which represent my own values. This is going to be a responsible site and will always maintain a tone that is first and foremost respectful, and we will not engage in libelous statements or the juvenille and inflammatory posts that do not live up to a quality standards and have given blogs a bad name and are the reason it’s still tough for even a lot of the great blogs on this network to be respected for the great writers they are.

-I really am proud to associate with the team of writers ESPN has assembled, not just on this network but with Henry and Kevin themselves, and with guys in the majors like J.A. Adande, John Hollinger, Bill Simmons, Marc Stein, and David Thorpe. This is the best basketball coverage on the planet.

-Not to go Kate Winslet on you, but there are some people without whom I wouldn’t be a writer and this site wouldn’t exist. In no particular order, special thanks are due to:

-Henry Abbott
-Kevin Arnovitz
-Nathaniel Friedman
-Brian and Andrew Kaminetzky
-Glen Infante and the team
-Ryne Nelson
-Kelly Dwyer
-FreeDarko commenters

Without them, I’d be shouting out into the void. Okay, enough self-indulgence. Let’s talk Cavs.


-There’s only one thing worse than losing a huge game and looking pretty lackluster doing it, and that’s having to wait two whole days before we get to see the team play again and take the sour taste out of our mouths. It’s easy to get down on a team, even one as good as this. But that’s why God (or Henry Abbott-I use the terms interchangeably) sent the blogosphere me.

-Yes, we just had two losses where we didn’t look very good. But:

-Both games were on the road. I was at that LA game last night, and that crowd absolutely wanted blood-that place was an uphill battle from the get-go. We’re still unbeaten at home.

-Again, we have not lost a single game at home. If you haven’t gone to a Cavalier home game yet, DON’T. You’ll ruin it.

-And yes, both games featured subpar performances from LeBron James, who registered more shots than points in both games, a genuine rarity from him this season. So as LeBron goes, so go the Cavs. I don’t know about you, but there are a lot of worse athletes to pin your team’s night-to-night fates on. Like all of them.

-And LeBron isn’t even struggling 05-06 style where he’s disinterested or playing the wrong way-he was in attack mode all game, but couldn’t get the finishes at the rim or the calls due to great help D by the Lakers and Ty Thomas and stalwart referees. A lot of that is due to losing the spacing that Z provides, but again, LeBron not getting points in the paint is not going to happen very often.

-We’re undefeated in the Obama Presidency.

-Remember when Sasha was the starting shooting guard on an NBA finals team and the team’s second-best offensive player? That player looks like he’s actually back from the dead-he’s starting to hit threes, and his drives are gritty instead of out-of-control kamikaze forays that end in a charge or ridiculous pull-up. And he’s doing this after most of us had written him off as a contributor.

-Wally’s even playing well, kind of! Although with the injuries, the “trade Wally” demand is officially at orange. (SERIOUS NOTE: IF ANYONE KNOWS WEB DESIGN AT ALL AND WOULD BE CAPABLE OF MAKING A COLOR-CODED “WALLY TRADE THREAT” INDEX, EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY. I AM SERIOUS.)

Lorenzen Wright…

-Don’t think about Lorenzen Wright.

-In no way does this team or anyone on it have anything to do with Joaquin Phoenix.

-We’re struggling because Z and Delonte are out. But Z will be back. In plenty of time for the playoffs, with time to get adjusted. There’s no reason to jeapordize our future and chemistry for a shot at home-court advantage. This team is thinking playoffs.

-There are more terrifying thoughts than the thought of Z without explosiveness, unless him becoming less explosive would cause some sort of wormhole and cause the universe to collapse on himself.

-Delonte’s coming back. Delonte is not going to be on any of that Larry Hughes crap. He wanted to play THE SECOND HALF of that game. Delonte is the anti-Larry. I miss Delonte. Could he do color commentary for the next few weeks? Please?

-Speaking of Larry, Brittney Spears actually became a star again before Larry Hughes returned to being an effective NBA player. It’s the little victories that make life worth living.

-Yes, we lost two out of three with injuries. The Lakers just lost two out of two only missing bench players, and the Celtics went 2-7 for no reason at all. We were going to slip at one point. We just have an excuse.

-In the actual showdown of the league’s two best players, LeBron destroyed CP3 and nobody really cared.

-“Kobe Logic” is making its first appearance of the season!

Resolved: That Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James.

Kobe beat LeBron when their teams played-hence, Kobe deserves the MVP. When LeBron’s team beat Kobe’s 5 times in a row, that was an unrelated  phenomena to this one, as Kobe won the MVP that season. Hence, we are forced to conclude that Kobe is the better player.

Last year, it was clear that when LeBron said Kobe was the world’s best player, Kobe was the better player. This year, when Kobe said LeBron is the MVP, Kobe is the MVP, as Kobe has a much better midrange game than LeBron. Hence, Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron.

Kobe logic is hilarious, and will get its own post at some point.

That’s all for today. Thursday it’s the Blazers-get excited. See you then.


[…] Kobe beat LeBron when their teams played-hence, Kobe deserves the MVP. When LeBron’s team beat Kobe ’s 5 times in a row, that was an unrelated phenomena to this one, as Kobe won the MVP that season. Hence, we are forced to conclude that …[Continue Reading] […]

Kevin S.
Kevin S.
10 years 28 days ago

Just found this blog a couple of days ago and I am hooked. I love your Wally trade threat level. Its hard being a Cavs fan in South Carolina where no one cares about NBA basketball. But I care. GO CAVS!!!!

10 years 28 days ago

Another one here. But I think, you should change the style of the blog a bit. I don’t know but there is something bothering me, maybe the colors should be different or the letter size, I am not sure. Anyway, as a Cavs fan, I’ll read this blog in any condition.

Greetings, from Hamburg, Germany.

10 years 28 days ago

for awhile there, I could not find your writing. thanks to abbott, ive found you. i think i last saw u on either freedarko or sportshubla towards the end of the last nba season. u got another regular reader here.

Amar P.
10 years 29 days ago

You are brilliant, Krolik. Brilliant. Wish things could have worked out at the old place, but you definitely have a regular reader now in me. That Joaquin Phoenix plug had me laughing till my abs ached.