Links To The Present: December 30, 2010

December 30th, 2010 by Colin McGowan

“A rookie guard earned his first career start, a forward who was signed one day earlier drew significant playing time and the backup point guard was forced to be the aggressive scorer. But the Cavaliers’ old nemesis of shaky perimeter defense yielded another predictable result — a loss. This time it was a 101-92 stumble to the Charlotte Bobcats, a loss that was Cleveland’s fifth straight, the 15th in the past 16 games, and one that dropped the squad to 8-24.” [Jodie Valade]

“maybe we should focus on the quit-job we’re seeing from the current Cavs roster.  It all started on December 2nd.  Facing the Miami Heat and with the eyes of the nation upon them, the Cavs laid an ostrich-sized egg.  Their record prior to the Heat game… 7-10.  Since then it’s been an ugly 1-12.” [Cory Felegy]

“Trade Idea: Cavs send Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao for Andrew Bynum and Shannon Brown.” [Michael Curry]

“When Williams woke up in Charlotte on Wednesday, he could barely move his left leg, and the hip wouldn’t loosen up no matter what he did. Official diagnosis is a left hip flexor strain, and it might explain why Williams didn’t score after he had 14 points in the first quarter against the Magic on Tuesday.” [Jodie Valade]

On The Twitters

“Sources tell the Sun-Times that the Bulls will not likely add a “big name” SG. If trade is made, sites are still set on #CavsGibson/Parker.” [Scott Sargent]

“Once you look past all the rookie mistakes Manny Harris made last night you can see his potential. Needs to work on his ball handling.” [realcavsfans]