Links To The Present: December 29, 2010

December 29th, 2010 by Colin McGowan

“You guys have to probably tell me who’s the so called best center in the league right now because I think Andy’s up there. I don’t think he gets enough credit for how hard he plays and the things he’s been able to do for us. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to combine his effort with wins right now. There’s not a guy in the league right now that’s playing better, so I think he needs to know that. Right now he should be on that all-star ballot as one of the top guys in the league, my opinion. I’m biased.” [Byron Scott]

“The truth is, this team is 1-14 in their last 15 games. This is probably the worst team in the NBA and the only reason their record is better than others is because of the pride, effort, hustle, and winning attitude of players like Anderson Varejao, Boobie Gibson, Antawn Jamison, and Mo Williams. In terms of talent, depth, and the statistics, this team is in the cellar. Their (-9.1) point differential is worst in the NBA. Their Expected W-L of 7-24 is dead last in the NBA. Their (-8.54) rating on the SRS scale is dead last. They are 29th of 30 in Offensive Rating and 26th of 30 in Defensive Rating. It’s time to stop the delusions and time to start changing expectations and start executing a new plan of rebuilding.” [Andrew of WFNY]

“When will things start to happen, when will we see this team start taking steps in the direction of a rebuild.  Though Byron Scott still thinks that the playoffs are attainable, I’m here to provide a bit of an answer to the question above.  And that answer is: Whenever Carmelo Anthony is traded or re-signed.” [Scott Sargent]

Since we’re all waiting for this team to be gutted in the near future, perhaps we should take the time to get acquainted with Samardo Samuels, who might see some playing time if the Cavs deal a couple forwards in the coming weeks.

Newest Cavalier Alonzo Gee apparently came highly recommended by Greg Popovich, which is never a bad thing.

On The Twitters

“Cavs couldn’t have expected 10 points by Earl Clark in Tuesday’s game.” [Bob Finnan]

“And to think, most of us thought the Cavs would have to sell all their parts to tank. Cavs could potentially tank AND keep Andy and Boobie” [Rock of WFNY]

“Mike Brown is a great guy and may be a great coach someday, but anyone who puts him on Byron Scotts level doesn’t understand basketball.” [Scott Sargent]

“OK, the #Lakers are officially in crisis mode.” [Ken Berger]