Links To The Present: December 15, 2010

December 15th, 2010 by Colin McGowan

I’ll be watching tonight’s game through my hands, if any of you were wondering.

“Our concern right now is not [the Heat], it’s us.” [Mo Williams]

“The buildup and anticipation to this game is obviously much less than the buildup to James’ return to Cleveland on Dec. 2. That game was almost a relief to both James and his new teammates to just get it out of the way. But James still has deep emotions when talking about his old team. Asked if facing the Cavs is like facing any other team in the league, James said ‘not yet.'” [Jason Lloyd]

“James and Ilgauskas are fielding copious questions about the Cavs in advance of Wednesday night’s contest in Miami. Oddly enough, it turns out that Ilgauskas might not reciprocate those same warm fuzzy feelings for the Cavs organization.” [Eric Freeman]

“Gibson, who had been a bench player until this season, said the key is for substitutes to enter the game anticipating making an impact. Gibson has taken rookie guard Manny Harris under his wing, and has advised Harris to simply play like the hungry rookie that he is.” [Jodie Valade]

“Thankfully, the Cavaliers front office is not acting in an alarmist fashion and will continue to monitor the landscape for deals that they feel will benefit the team strategically. Despite Gilbert’s desire to emulate the 2004 Detroit Pistons, it has become evident that this team will need to focus more on the business model of the Oklahoma City Thunder who, by virtue of several years of losing basketball, acquired and successfully executed in the drafting of several lottery selections. [Scott Sargent]

On The Twitters

“Spent some time with Cavs this morning. Out of everything going on, this is major problem: they’ve been league’s worst def. team in Dec.” [Brian Windhorst]

“Brian Windhorst says that the best way for a Cavalier to be endeared by #Cavs fans would be to floor LeBron James tonight.” [Scott Sargent]

“Makes me wonder what #TheHickson can fetch on the open market. Sounds crazy but TWill makes JJ look like a rocket scientist” [Probasketballdraft]