Links To The Present: December 13, 2010

December 13th, 2010 by Colin McGowan

Another quotestravaganza today, y’all. Sorry, it’s finals week and your loyal links editor is swamped. I should be out of the woods by Tuesday afternoon.

“Following the Cavaliers 106-77 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, head coach Byron Scott called out his recently depleted reserve unit (“slaughtered” was his exact term) for a 19-1 third-quarter run that would be the proverbial dagger in the evening for the Wine and Gold.  After the starting unit brought the game back to within 10, the second unit could provide little in terms of a roadblock as the Thunder never looked back.” [Scott Sargent]

“Scott repeatedly said this was the best team he had taken over, much better than his teams at New Jersey and New Orleans. But with the Cavs lugging a seven-game losing streak into Sunday’s game, they haven’t looked that way.” [Mary Schmitt Boyer]

“As soon as one leak is plugged in the Cavs’ quickly sinking ship, another sprouts on the other side. Now the season is taking on water — fast — and Scott is running out of answers.” [Jason Lloyd]

“At some point, the Cavs need to designate a scorer for nights like Sunday, where nothing the offense is doing is going right and someone needs to create something! in order to get the defense to adjust.  That guy has to be Mo Williams, because he’s the guy who doesn’t have to wait for Mo Williams to pass it to him.  Which is why he can’t have an 8-point, 3-for-9 night like he did on Sunday.  Mo’s unwillingness to go down swinging when the team is slipping is just the latest proof that he’s an ideal 6th man, nothing more.  ” [Michael Curry]

On The Twitters

“Fan just hit half court shot for 20 grand. #Cavs could use someone with that range” [Jason Lloyd]

“#Cavs fans frustrated with play, note that with patience and lots of losing, the OKC business model is attainable.” [Scott Sargent]

“JJ didn’t like [Scott’s criticism of the bench]: ‘Oh so he’s blaming it on the bench? If he feels that way then, that’s the way he feels. That’s his opinion.'” [Jason Lloyd]