I’m going on the radio and the Heat may be going to court

December 1st, 2010 by John Krolik

Quick heads-up: I’ll be going on The Knicks Blog radio tonight, along with Spike Lee. (We won’t be appearing together, so I won’t get to ask him about He Got Game II: Jesus’ free agency decision) I expect I’ll be talking about the Cavs’ inconsistent defensive efforts, Varejao and Hickson’s inability to run the Princeton offense, and how the Cavs should be using more guard-heavy lineups. Or LeBron. Here’s the link — I’ll go on at about 10:20 EST or so.

Also, Dan Gilbert may be looking to sue the Heat for tampering. Interesting. A popular theory this off-season was that the Heat gave the Cavs and Raptors draft picks (draft picks I believe the Heat will miss) in sign-and-trades to prevent either team from looking into tampering too deeply, but apparently that isn’t the case. We’ll see how that plays out.