Notes and Errata: November 23rd, 2010

November 23rd, 2010 by John Krolik

– Just got in from watching the Clippers stun the Hornets. Did not see that one coming. Heckuva game for Blake Griffin, who had a huge game without being able to get to the rim at will or work much pick-and-roll — when great slashers like Griffin hit the boards, get out in transition, and hit their first few jumpers, the seas part for them.

– Also, I was convinced Al-Faroq Aminu was a terrible pick. Now I am not convinced. He will show you some serious signs. Remember in The Minority Report when Tom Cruise pulls the pre-cog out of the goo and she started freaking out all over the place and acted like she didn’t know where she was, but occasionally could see the future and saved everybody? Al-Faroq Aminu is Josh Smith plus that plus actual three-point range. He had 16 in the first half, 0 in the second half, missed a big transition layup, and committed a charge on a two-on-one fast break when the defender was standing at the dotted line. Also, he does not dribble in a straight line in transition. He runs knuckleball fast breaks. He’s a treat.

– [Insert Heat Schadenfreude]

– Seriously, though, people do realize that Wade has shot 26-80 from the floor in the five Heat losses he’s played in right? I can’t get over how well Wade made out in “The Decision.” Win, it’s your team. Lose, it’s the new guy’s fault. That said, how many LeBron-quality regular season games has he had through 14 games? 2? Also, the Heat were -15 in the 6 minutes LeBron sat for.

– Has anyone written a “Same Jack, New City” headline about Jarrett Jack yet?

– Toldja the Spurs were really good. Also, “Going to 11: Spurs top Magic, continue hot start” guy: you win at headlines. Until tomorrow, everyone.