Preview: Cavaliers at Spurs, November 20th

November 20th, 2010 by John Krolik

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Cleveland Cavaliers (5-6) vs. San Antonio Spurs (10-1)

Relevant Statistics:

Offensive Efficiency: Cavaliers 101.2 (22nd) vs. Spurs 107.8 (4th)

Defensive Efficiency: Cavaliers 105.3 (20th) vs. Spurs 99.6 (7th)

Pace: Cavaliers 95.3 (16th) vs. Spurs 98.3 (7th)


– The Spurs are 10-1, and they’re doing it by playing fast, scoring in bunches, and getting a ton out of the Parker/Ginobili/Jefferson triumvirate. Duncan’s only averaging 14 a game, and the team is 10-1 anyways. This will not be an easy game, especially since transition defense and wing defense have been major issues for the Cavs.

– Hickson needs to get back on track tonight. He needs to be aggressive early and use his speed advantage on Blair to open things up — he might be tempted to shoot over him, but I think he’d be better served making Blair move.

– Tim Duncan might not be the featured guy on offense anymore, but he’s still the key to the Spurs’ defense. Cavs have to keep the ball moving, because Duncan still shuts down the paint as well as just about anybody. Some threes would be nice as well.

– Stopping penetration and locating shooters in transition aren’t easy things to do, but the Cavs are going to have to do them if they don’t want to get whooped against the Spurs. That’s all I have for now — check back here after the game for the recap.