Week One Thoughts

November 4th, 2010 by John Krolik

— Things to feel good about: J.J. Hickson. He’s the future, and looks like the real deal. Right now I’d put his ceiling as “2nd offensive option on a legit playoff team,” which is something to get excited about.

— Biggest worry: Ramon Sessions. He’s fearless, but his shooting game is non-existent¬†and he’s disturbingly adverse to passing. I love his tenacity, but driving to the basket over and over again with no plan is not winning basketball.

— Biggest unknown: How Mo will do as the #1 option and primary creator. This is the thing to watch next week.

— Biggest ambivalent: Anthony Parker. He’s doing what the team is asking him to do, but a good team wouldn’t be asking him to do this much. He’s simply not that talented.

— Well, the Heat are going to be good. Really good. Prepare yourself accordingly. Good to see the LeBron jersey guy’s 15 seconds appear to be coming to an end.

— On KG’s trash talk: I’d like to have seen this discussion happen when he was caught on camera screaming “F****ng F*****ts” a few years ago. What he said to Charlie V. was very wrong and offensive to people with his condition, but there are others who should have been spoken up for, and the latter would be addressing a pretty big issue.

— So, the fast-breaking hasn’t really been there. Running the ball in the NBA is much easier said than done. Mo might help this when he gets back.

— Team is currently 26th in offensive efficiency and 20th in defensive efficiency. And 22nd in pace factor.

— As conspiracy theories go, “Doc let up on the Cavs to mess with LeBron” isn’t bad. Still stupid, but pretty far ahead of most NBA conspiracy theories.

— You know what would be nice? Beating the 76ers. They’re not good.