Recap: Raptors 101, Cavs 81 (Or, when God opens a window, he steals a laptop)

October 29th, 2010 by John Krolik

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Overview: The Cleveland Cavaliers got their asses absolutely handed to them in their first road game, losing to the Toronto Raptors by a final score of 101-81. Anthony Parker and Antawn Jamison were the only Cavaliers to score in double digits.

Cavs-Related Bullets:

I’ll be brief tonight, because that was awful and terrifying. The Cavs’ offense was horrible. Beyond horrible. I mean, this was the Raptors the Cavs were playing. Ramon Sessions drove recklessly into the lane without any real plan approximately 200 times, and it didn’t really work out for him. Sometimes the Cavs would rotate the ball around the perimeter, almost get an open three, realize nobody really wanted to take it, and give it back to Ramon Sessions for a reckless drive at the hoop. I think the best set of the night was one that got Ryan Hollins a post-up opportunity. Anthony Parker ran the point for extended periods of times, and that was probably a good decision. Dear lord.

Bright spots: Hollins looks like an NBA player. Jamison hit threes. Powe took it right at Bargnani and got some baskets that way. Everything else was bad. It’s the first road game, and Mo and Varejao being out is a big deal. But losses like this will take your morale away. Good news is that the Cavs get to go back to the Q tomorrow and get a game against the Kings. Let’s see them get this loss back and play like the team that beat the Celtics.