Recap: Cavs 83, Bucks 77 (Or, the final tune-up)

October 22nd, 2010 by John Krolik

I thought I posted this last night before I went to sleep, but I just saved it as a draft. Hate when that happens. Anyways:

– Always good to end the pre-season with a win. Very, very, promising 26 for Ramon Sessions, who’s struggled with scoring efficiency all pre-season. If he can score efficiently on a consistent basis, it’ll be huge.

– Man, did Antawn have a terrible pre-season. He’s not a part of the team’s long-term plans, but it would be nice if he could play like himself this season.

– I may have drank the Moon/Hickson/Varejao kool-aid a bit too quickly. They shot 7-18 from the floor on Thursday, and combined for 12 rebounds. Bogut is a good defender, but still.

– Parker had a surprisingly decent preseason.

– That’s all for this game — the next one counts. Get excited.