Recap: Cavs 85, Mavericks 79 (Or, another glorious triumph bereft of meaning)

October 11th, 2010 by John Krolik

Another good exhibition win. Some quick bullets:

-Your star of the night was Manny Harris, who scored 14 points on only six field goal attempts and threw in four assists, four rebounds, and three steals for good measure. That’s how to earn a rotation spot, Manny.

– Boobie Gibson: 15 points, 4-12 shooting, one ankle injury that he claims isn’t serious.

– Hollins: only 3 turnovers/fouls in 29 minutes! Also, zero field goals. Is he seriously going to be the starting center?

– Samardo Samuels: that is not how to earn a rotation spot.

– Jamison is having a horrible preseason. Hopefully this is a “I’ve been in the league long enough to know preseason doesn’t matter” thing rather than a “God officially hates me and I’m not going to try any more” thing.

– Anthony Parker: terrible game. I worry about this.

– Sessions: 5-12 shooting, 5 assists. 0-7 from outside the paint, 5-5 from inside the paint. Play to your strengths, Mr. Sessions.

– Hickson and Moon were both solid. Good to see, although I’d still like to see Hickson make efficient scoring a priority.

Until tomorrow, campers.