Recap: Wizards 97, Cavs 83 (Or, everyone knows that preseason games don’t matter when you lose them.)

October 8th, 2010 by John Krolik

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A few belated thoughts on last night’s Cavs-Wizards tilt:

-Regression to the mean for Anthony Parker, who went 1-7 from the field with one assist and two turnovers.

-More good free throw totals for Hickson, but another inefficient performance from the field for the starting power forward, as he was one of three Cavs to go 4-12 from the field. (The other two: Sessions and Boobie.)

-Eyenga got some PT and didn’t do half-bad, hitting a three and getting three assists in only 15 minutes. I think he’ll spend most of the year in the D-League, but he could be a 10-20 minutes per game player by the end of the year with the big club.

-Jamario Moon did not attempt a single two-point shot in 21 minutes of play. That is not good.

-Wow, Leon Powe took 8 shots from the floor and didn’t get fouled. That may be a record for him.

-Hey, 14 rebounds for Ryan Hollins! And only 7 combined turnovers/fouls for him, meaning he’s only screwing up once every four minutes or so.

Bullets of Randomness:

I’ll just say this: David Thorpe really thinks he made a breakthrough with Yi this summer. If Yi plays during the regular season like he did against the Cavs, this Wizards team could have a major secret weapon.