Recap: Cavs 87, Bobcats 72 (Or, the beginning of the beginning)

October 6th, 2010 by John Krolik

Cavs-Related Bullets:

-And so another Cavs basketball season semi-officially begins anew. Let’s get to some notes:

-Another shaky debut game for Antawn Jamison, who started the game and went 1-9. The good news: unlike Antawn’s historically terrible Cavs debut, this game didn’t count. If one guy had to have a horrible night on Tuesday, I’m glad it’s a guy who’s not fighting for minutes.

-Your team leader in minutes, rebounds, steals, and blocks tonight: a one Jamario Moon, who also shot 3-5 from the field and only turned it over once. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again; the more the ball moves and the offense works like it should, the more effective Jamario is.

Last year, you knew the team was rolling on all cylinders when Jamario was hitting wide-open threes, getting out on the break, and converting alley-oops. Since the team no longer has the size or LeBron James necessary to win without the offense working, Jamario Moon should be the proverbial canary in the coal mine this season.

-Tom noted this earlier, but Boobie made 10 free throws tonight. To provide some context, Boobie made 34 free throws last season, over the course of 1,068 minutes. His high for free throws in a MONTH was 12. Boobie made exactly 10 free throws from February 4th to the end of the regular season last year. (He made a grand total of two free throws in the playoffs.)

So tonight was very encouraging for Boobie’s potential as an all-around scorer. Does this performance earn a shirt? YOU’RE DARN RIGHT IT DOES.

boobie shirt

It’s good to have basketball back.

-Ramon Sessions: great pure point, brought energy, changes the game, makes the offense work. Not great at making the ball go in the basket all the time. The latter is less important than the former, but hopefully he can score more efficiently than he did tonight in the future. Still a very encouraging performance.

-Hey, Anthony Parker! I do not have high hopes for him this season, but he made 4 of his 5 shots and both of his threes tonight.

-Love seeing Hickson get 5 offensive boards and 10 free throw attempts. Do not love a starting power forward who doesn’t shoot threes go 5-13 from the floor. The work on the post moves and the mid-range jumper is all well and good, but J.J. is, was, and always should be a finisher first and foremost.

-Ryan Hollins: 4 fouls and 3 turnovers in 15 minutes. That’s a screw-up every 2.14 minutes, folks. Still, the man is clearly talented.

Bullets of Randomness:

-The Bobcats seem like a team that would look bad in exhibition play — when the games count, they win because of their defense and intensity rather than their offensive talent. However, they’ve got a veteran core and are coming off a playoff season, so they don’t have a whole lot to prove in exhibition play. Just a theory.

-A year ago, I would have TOTALLY been freaking out over the fact that LeBron went 0-3 from the line in his first game. WHY DOES HE NOT SHOOT 700 FREE THROWS A DAY IN THE OFF-SEASON? WHY DOES HE NOT SEE THE VALUE IN THIS? Well, that’s not my problem anymore. So I’ve got that going for me. If you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my basketball anhedonia meeting with Gilbert Arenas. Until tomorrow, campers.