Links To The Present: October 6, 2010

October 5th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

Booby Gibson got to the line 10 times – I LOVE THAT. “Daniel Gibson continued to build on his strong performance in training camp with 18 points, including making all 10 of his free throws. J.J. Hickson, who came off the bench, added 17 points and nine rebounds.” [Mary Schmitt Boyer]

“Now he’s followed LeBron to Miami for even more money, and those readers are left in the rubble. For them, no matter what questions were, weren’t, couldn’t have been, or shouldn’t have been asked, his time on the beat here really couldn’t have ended any worse. It’s only right by them (by us) to acknowledge that, and to ask about how it might have ended better.” [Cleveland Frowns on Windhorst’s Relationship with Team]

Vince Grzegorek interview’s Windhorst

Overview of Windhorst’s interview on the radio

Dan Gilbert is a fan of a Hard Cap says WFNY

The Q from the cheap seats

“Moon: “This is home here. Basketball is still alive in Cleveland.”” [WFNY Scott]

Reading this post I realized, this is really the first time Kobe v LeBron fans have gone at it since June.  Judging by the comments, LeBron’s new fans aren’t very intelligent.

Cavs defeat the Bobcats – Fans entertained.

I found Hollinger’s player profile of ex-Cav Andre Miller to be entertaining.  “Miller’s nickname should be “Groundhog Day,” because he has the same season every year. He shows up in poor shape and gets off to a slow start. Then out of the blue he goes gangbusters in January, leading to a slew of “Andre Miller is the League’s Most Underrated Player” articles. Last season it came with the added bonus of a practice confrontation with Nate McMillan right before his outburst, but it happens every season as reliably as the sunrise.”