Profile Roundup and other things

October 5th, 2010 by John Krolik

-A quick break from drilling logic games to give you some Cavs news:

Hollinger’s Cavalier profiles are up on ESPN. For those of you who don’t have insider, Hollinger is bullish on what Sessions can do (although he projects him to be the 6th man), likes Jamison and thinks he’ll start at the 3, is a very big fan of Varejao, revealed that his name for Leon Powe is “the whistle,” in both a good and bad sense, and, like the rest of us, is cautiously optimistic about Hickson.

He’s bearish on Anthony Parker, Daniel Gibson, and Jawad Williams.

-Mary Schmitt Boyer on how the Cavs are getting ready for tonight’s preseason opener. Man, I’m ready for basketball.

-Jamison is optimistic about how he’ll fit into Byron Scott’s system. Hickson/Jamison could be a key controversy this season — like Hollinger noted today, Jamison is a much better catch-and-shoot/pick-and-roll guy than a guy who creates scoring opportunities for himself, despite his reputation. However, Hickson is the future. Classic short-term/long-term type thing.