Notes and Errata: September 23rd, 2010

September 23rd, 2010 by John Krolik

(Every athlete’s YouTube montage should be set to “List of Demands.”)

-Chris Douglas-Roberts and Brandon Jennings have both ripped Mo Williams on twitter after the Mo “considered retiring” story. Something to watch when the Cavs play the Bucks.

-On the Jamario/Jawad starter controversy: you’ve gotta hope Jamario gets the starting spot. Jawad is the more complete player, but if the team needs him to make plays, the offense will be in serious trouble. Jamario can run with the point guards, create turnovers, and is a pretty good shooter when he has his feet set. Jamario’s production will be a pretty good watermark of how the Sessions/Mo backcourt is working: if they do what they’re supposed to, he’ll thrive. If not, he could be an issue.

-Question: should I feel guilty about still feeling like LeBron should be defended from “Kevin Durant is more clutch than LeBron” talks?

Say what you will about LeBron’s decision, but that meme still makes absolutely no sense. The Cavs, and LeBron, were very good in the clutch. The Thunder, and Durant, were not. Durant hasn’t won a playoff series, and I watched him miss game-winners against the Lakers last season. I watched LeBron hit game-winners against the Magic, Pistons, and Wizards in the playoffs. Forget agendas; I’m just pro-sense.

-LeBron’s Q rating remains high among African-Americans.

-Carmelo to the Nets seems to make a lot of sense for both sides at this point. I am so not sold on Favors in any way, shape, or form.

-Cavaliers summer league invite Rashad McCants may get a training camp invite.

-A million congratulations to D.J. Foster for getting hired by the Clippers. Great guy and a talented writer.

-Get ready for a lot of Heat coverage.