Pre-Game Notes and Errata

May 7th, 2009 by John Krolik

In case you guys are getting worried and need comforting, today’s NBA Today Podcast features my sonorous and calming voice talking Hawks-Cavs business. Actually, I’m paranoid and have a swallowed voice. But listen anyways. 

From the Rockets-Lakers series, quickly becoming the most exciting second-round series:

Derek, 14-year veterans should not being forearm shivering hapless europeans. Huge lack of control there, and that should definitely be a suspension. I’m not sure what is.

Was Kobe’s cheap shot on Artest intentional? Yes, I’m 70% sure it was. But he hid it well, and there’s a reasonable doubt. Ron, who I love, has to keep his cool on that one. It should’ve only been one technical, but that game was getting out of hand. It’s the second guy who gets punished most, and Ron’s gotta know that at this point.

Wow, it’s pretty when Kobe has it going. And going off-the-backboard in a playoff game? Are you freaking kidding me? 

My main point on that podcast, and the thing to remember tonight: The Hawks have played 15 playoff games in the last two years. They’ve looked terrible in 8 of them and fantastic in 7. This is not the time for complacency. And yes, I believe not being complacent as a fan will somehow affect the team. I am slowly losing my mind.

Yao Ming to Aaron Brooks and Kyle Lowry: “I am 7-6 and Chinese. Do I not stick out on the court? Am I tough to see? Do I need to wear reflective clothing?”

If you’re having trouble getting pumped, here’s something to fire you up:


At least the second Matrix had  a few cool things. The third Matrix was all that is soulless and wrong. Open thread for the game, if so desired. Have fun.