Notes and Errata: September 13th, 2010

September 13th, 2010 by John Krolik

-I should probably lead with basketball news, but MICHAEL VICK IS BACK. Man oh man, watching Vick turn a collapsed pocket into a 20-yard scramble, firing laser beams into impossible spaces, and even blowing easy gains by firing a bullet to an open receiver 7 yards away brought me back to a time where anything seemed possible. (By the way, my 1st column on my original blog was about Michael Vick. Click through to see an 18-year old kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing waxing poetic.) In short, this was an important sports day for me. Oh, and great call to have the smallest quarterback in the league run directly at the defense, out of the shotgun, on the most important down of the game.

Still, the important thing is that Vick is back. Gaga dominated the VMAs. Insane is the new mainstream.

-U-S-A! U-S-A! Fantastic, if somewhat anticlimactic, world championship for Team USA. The international game really suits Durant perfectly, and he stepped up. Good stuff all around.

-Former Cav Darius Miles is getting one last shot at resurrecting his NBA career. By the way, he’s 28 years old.

-One more football note: if there’s any worse feeling in sports than “I just blew the game-winning play by committing a holding violation,” I’d love to hear about it.

-Random poll question: if you’re Chicago, do you include Noah in a ‘Melo trade? He’s such a clear upgrade over Deng, but I have been geeking out on what Thibodeau is going to do with Noah on defense all summer.

-Something I said while watching the VMAs tonight: “If there was an award for ‘artist with the most influence on NBA player fashion,’ Kid Cudi would have walked away with it.”