Notes and Errata: August 31st, 2010

August 31st, 2010 by John Krolik

Some updates from Windhorst, who’s currently in Bangkok:

-Likely starting lineup for next season: The starters will be Sessions/Mo/Jawad/Hickson Varejao (I suppose Jamison comes off the bench)

-Expect the vets on the block in February if the team is below .500

-Windhorst thinks there’s a 60% chance Jamison gets moved before the deadline.

Random notes:

-Mo and LeBron met at the airport on Monday. Apparently things proceeded amicably.

-Forced MMA metaphor alert: the B.J. Penn saga and the LeBron era have some things in common. Nobody was ever more talented, both of them were supposed to take over their sports on an unspecified date, both turned off fans with their behavior, both had some explainable near-misses at greatness before their ultimate falls (Edgar dominating Penn at LW on Saturday, LBJ falling short against the Celtics when he was supposed to be in his prime/a complete player.)

-Say what you will about LeBron, but Kat Stacks isn’t filing a police report against him. No way LeBron could have gotten away with the way Carmelo has acted this off-season.

I’ll leave you with this: Kevin Arnovitz’s interview with Kevin Martin is an absolute must-read.