Weekend links and goodness

August 14th, 2010 by John Krolik

-Sorry for the inactivity, but there was not a lot of Cavs-related stuff going on this week. I swear I have some off-season type post all planned, but things can sneak up on you in the summertime — there’s 10 days left in my last official summer “vacation” ever. Kinda strange.

-Great to see all the HOF inductees tonight. Crazy to think about just how good that ’92 team really was. And Pippen and Malone both deserved a night of their own — they were so good, so impossibly good, and yet they both played in MJ’s shadow for different reasons.

-On that note, here’s 18-year old Krolik on Scottie Pippen. I literally can’t bring myself to read it right now; I don’t want to know how much I sucked back then.

-According to the rumors section over at the fearless leader, the Nets are planning on snagging CP3 via trade or ‘Melo via free agency. With a lockout looming, does anyone else feel like ‘Melo’s free agency is going to be a very strange thing?

-Because it’s the weekend: Scott Pilgrim is really, really good. Amazing visually, keeps a great pace and tone, legitimately laugh-out-loud funny, and Pill/Kendrick/Winstead is a murder’s row of young actresses with serious chops. Also, great music, including the Metric song I embedded. Just an absolutely wonderful movie.

-Kelly Dwyer posted the following video and said the following thing when he guest-hosted TrueHoop back in the day, and I shall do the same now: Good Night, and Good Scottie Pippen.