On Chris Paul, other things

August 12th, 2010 by John Krolik

-Big, big ol’ four-team trade today. Here’s what interests me the most about it: the Hornets have, effectively, put all of their eggs into the CP3 basket. Collison may be a better player than Ariza straight-up, and is almost certainly a better overall package when you consider their contract situations.

But Ariza fits next to CP3, and will give him an effective wing option with some very good athleticism. (He’s also a spot-up shooter, although his ability to knock down open threes is more than a bit overrated.) As long as Chris Paul has the ball in his hands, Ariza a more effective option than Collison. (Although I will say that I was very interested to see what a Paullison backcourt would have been able to do.)

So here’s the question: did the Hornets make this move because Paul has given them reason to believe he won’t demand a trade/bolt after his contract is up, or did they make the move in an attempt to convince him to stay? And isn’t that the relevant question (that nobody has really been asking) with regards to Gilbert/LeBron? If you want to make things even more interesting on that front, consider that the Hornets now have Trevor Ariza, whom LeBron allegedly wouldn’t give an “I’m staying in Cleveland after 2010″ guarantee to last off-season.

If this is the Hornets trying to pressure/guilt the franchise into giving them a commitment, shouldn’t the fact that LRMR manages Paul and LeBron is CP3’s best friend give them some pause on that front? Although I don’t want to downplay the impact of the Hornets being able to get rid of the Posey contract, the main conclusion I take away from this move is that the Hornets will give up CP3 when someone pries him from their cold, dead hands. Seeing as to how CP3 is legitimately one of the five best players in basketball and I don’t see the Hornets being contenders in the next two seasons, this could end up becoming very ugly.

-I was interested by the reaction to LeBron’s “I’m making mental notes of all the people who took shots at me” tweet. Other than THERE IS NO GOOD REASON FOR LEBRON TO HAVE A TWITTER, my main takeaway from that is this: LeBron’s move to Miami to play with Wade and Bosh, along with LRMR’s involvement in everything, has definitely advanced the “LeBron wants to live Entourage, and doesn’t really care about true greatness” storyline.

Of course, the other side of LeBron’s move to Miami is that he’s now a villain to a large proportion of the fan population. We’ve seen Kobe’s Q rating go through the roof after he embraced a “borderline sociopath” persona — will that be the narrative that takes over if Miami wins it all next season?

The counterpoint, of course, would be that the MJ archetype is that he was a sociopath with his fellow players and a Man of The People to the fans — so far, LeBron’s appeared to be the opposite.

That’s about all I have for tonight. Until tomorrow, all.