Notes and Errata: June 10th, 2010

August 10th, 2010 by John Krolik

Not a whole lotta Cavs-related stuff going on right now, I gotta admit. From around the league:

-Tim Thomas is apparently about to re-up with the Mavs for year, while Skip is still looking for a job. the lesson: if you wanna miss a lot of time for personal reasons, it helps to be tall.

-So MJ’s going to give Pippen’s induction ceremony. Vegas places odds of a LeBron/Heat potshot at 5:2.

-Durant is your Vegas favorite for next season’s MVP. There’s no doubt he’s the league’s new golden boy, and may well win the award next year, but is he really the league’s best player next season?

-So the Cavs worked out Tracy McGrady. They won’t sign him, which is welcome news to be and likely many others. My question is this: McGrady was never that athletic in Houston. His assets were always his passing ability, height, and outside shooting (the latter wasn’t great, but passable.) Why is everyone acting like he can’t be a part of a rotation after another surgery? To repeat: T-MAC HAD NO ATHLETICISM IN HOUSTON. This puzzles me greatly.

-ESPN’s Cavs prediction: 13th out of 15 teams in the East. Ouch.

Seriously, that’s about all I have for tonight. Consider this an open thread of sorts if you must. Until tomorrow, campers.