Notes and Errata: August 4th, 2010

August 4th, 2010 by John Krolik

[P] #kanyenewyorkertweets

(Random theory: I feel that the way somebody feels about Kanye West’s twitter stream can tell you a lot about how they relate to culture and the idea of celebrity in general. If you are reading Kanye’s tweets because you want to know what kind of human being Kanye is, you react to them one way. If you see Kanye West as nothing more than an entity that delivers music and semi-surrealist tweets to the public, you react to them in a very different way. Yes, this theory is relevant to this blog.

All I’ll say is that Kanye has just enough self-awareness to really be a danger to himself, like when somebody has a vague idea of how to count cards at a blackjack table. To put it another way, Kanye is just sane enough to make his insanity truly compelling. Okay, I’m rambling.)

-On LeBron’s letter to Akron: I guess it’s a chicken-or-egg thing, right? LeBron goes on TV and says he doesn’t care about Cleveland. In response, Cleveland has a semi-riot against LeBron and burns his jerseys in effigy while his former owner attempts to put a curse upon his house. Is LeBron’s “snuffing” of Cleveland a response to the hatred/jersey-burning, or is it further evidence that he never cared about Cleveland in the first place? Most Cleveland residents will likely say the latter, but I think expecting LeBron to publicly thank Cleveland at this juncture was perhaps a bit unrealistic.

Shaq may be officially gone. I like how both Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal look like bad signings for the Celtics because both Shaq and JON looked absolutely awful against the Celtics in last season’s playoffs.

If Shaq hadn’t busted up his thumb (against the Celtics) or the Cavs had actually played the Magic in the playoffs last season, there would have been real demand for him this off-season. Part of me feels like Ainge and Doc Rivers are working the same swagger that the bad guy from the new Casino Royale movie was. Ever since Kevin Garnett saw that movie, he has made it his solemn mission to only cry tears of blood. Until Rajon Rondo got his first playoff triple-double, those tears were the only thing he was allowed to drink in Garnett’s presence.

-Delonte waived. I hope he comes back, but if the Cavs don’t have interest, there’s likely a good reason.

-Well, that’s all for tonight — I think I might be losing my mind a little bit. Until tomorrow, campers.