Shannon Brown, other things

August 3rd, 2010 by John Krolik

So Shannon Brown is deciding between the Cavs, the Knicks, and the Lakers. He could compete for a starting spot and play up-tempo on the former two; the Lakers can offer him less money, but the chance to win another championship and play in the triangle, which suits him pretty well.

I don’t expect he’ll come to the Cavs, and I’m not heartbroken over it. Athletes help fast-break teams, but the most important thing is how fast the ball moves. Shannon’s a ball-stopper who can’t create off the dribble, and the triangle suits him better than a run-and-gun system would in a lot of ways. He would make some highlights, though. Ultimately, I think his price tag is going to end up being higher than he should be.

There were some rumors that the Heat would be opening the season at the Q, but now it looks like it’ll be the Celtics, which is somehow more depressing. First 10,000 fans to show up with an open wound get a free shaker of salt.

Ford and Hollinger put the Cavs 28th in their 30-team “future power rankings.” According to them, Gilbert’s letter did in fact deter players and agents from wanting to deal with Gilbert and the Cleveland organization. That letter definitely got the fanbase active and could be responsible for a lot of ticket sales next season, but it looks like there may be consequences.