Notes and Errata: July 28th, 2010

July 28th, 2010 by John Krolik

-Over the past half-decade or so, Entourage has gone from interesting comedy to watchable show to guilty pleasure to something you watch because it’s summer to Everything that is wrong with America and definitive proof that we are all horrible, horrible people. It is now the only show I watch out of sheer hatred. The only thing I remember from the last episode is that Turtle is now flirting with that girl who killed Heroes, and their banter was what Noel Coward would be forced to watch if he ended up in Hell. Also, the writers are still trying to get us to believe that Eric is from the mean streets. Or is something approaching a productive member of society.

I bring this up because, after the LeBacle, I now actually feel offended by Entourage. A prominent agent gave a lecture to my class last semester, and he was talking about how much he hates Entourage in the first five minutes of class. Vince’s childhood friends haven’t done a good job of running his career on the actual television show. How is it that people think the Entourage model can work in actual life?

I don’t have many “sources” around the league, but I do know some people that know some people, and I read. NOBODY thinks that LeBron letting LRMR handle his life was anything short of a horrible, horrible decision, and now Chris Paul has signed with them. Plus Dwight Howard is letting his friends handle his business, and the early reviews on that decision are not good. Three of the five best young players in basketball are being represented by non-agents, the most overpaid player in basketball (Eddy Curry) had to file for bankruptcy, and there’s about to be a lockout because the players aren’t getting paid enough. Does anyone else think that there may be relatively simple solutions to the problems that are about to cause a lockout?

Remember all of this when you’re watching “CP3, Dwight, and Bron-Bron’s smile-time variety hour of awesomeness” between games one and two of the 2014 NBA Finals. Anyways, I feel like none of this would have happened without Entourage. Screw you, Entourage.

-From LeBron’s twitter: LeBron really liked Inception, doesn’t believe in “reliable sources,” and really loves CP3 a lot. Social Media! By the way, Inception could’ve been a lot better.


That movie was set up to be interesting as all hell, then it became a straight action flick for the last 45 minutes. With that much going on, there really needed to be some rug-pulling of some sort. And no, it’s not enough to make the last shot ambiguous, drop a hint or two, and let the internet run with the theory that the whole thing was Leo’s dream, and they were Incepting that he really needed to let go of his wife. Cool theory, but it needed to actually be present in the movie. Dead-author theory, bro.


That’s actually all I have for tonight. I realize that this post was especially pointless, but I have to report for possible jury duty at 8:30 in the AM, even though I served on a jury last summer. I am less than pleased by this turn of events. Until tomorrow, campers.