Notes and Errata: July 22, 2010

July 22nd, 2010 by John Krolik

-Apparently the Cavaliers have signed Samardo Samuels to a deal that partially guarantees the first year of his contract. I will confess that the only reason I remember Samuels from Summer League is that I distinctly remember thinking “Good Lord, Samardo freaking Samuels just scored 19 points on Hickson.”

That game was Samuels’ best one of Summer League, but he put in strong performances throughout his time in Vegas. My only issue with this signing is that he will not be defended by J.J. Hickson in any games next season. Samardo, you owe J.J. donuts.

-So Chris Paul has demanded a trade, and might end up on the Knicks or Lakers. With a trade this big, I don’t believe it until it happens, no matter how big. New Orleans will cling to CP3 with all of its claws. I’m sure Gilbert and Co. burned up New Orleans’ phone lines in the weeks leading up to LeFiasco, but there was no way the Cavs could offer them nearly enough salary relief, especially when you consider that any team that takes CP3 is eating Emeka’s deal.

So Chris Paul could possibly leave New Orleans for the Knicks, who have done nothing “right” as a franchise. Paul would then become pick-and-roll partners with Amar’e Stoudemire while playing for Mike D’Antoni. The “Sports as entertainment/Sports as morality” parts of my brain are at war right now.