Your Rashad McCants Update

July 20th, 2010 by John Krolik

As some of you may know, Rashad McCants was on the Cavs’ Summer League Roster. You may also know that Rashad did not show up for Summer League. After talking to Rashad’s agent and the team, here’s what I know about what happened:

-Rashad was supposed to show up for Summer League and was expected to be there. His mother, a breast cancer survivor, became ill, and Rashad decided that being with her and her family was more important than being there for Summer League. According to his agent, Rashad informed the Cavalier personnel in charge of picking the Summer League team that he would not be attending, and they were very supportive of his decision. The team corroborated this version of events.

-Some of the Summer League coaches, who were not involved in the team-selection process, were confused as to Rashad’s whereabouts during Summer League. When I asked Byron Scott about McCants before the weekend, he told me that he had been made aware of Rashad’s situation before.

-The Cavaliers told me that their experience with Rashad has been a positive one.

-There was some initial confusion over whether Rashad planned to show up late to Summer League and play the last game or two with the Cavaliers; whether that was Rashad’s plan or not, it was not an option Byron Scott was interested in pursuing when I spoke to him. In any case, Rashad always planned on being in Las Vegas this week to work out with Tim Grgurich.

That’s the extent of what I know about this situation. If it really was just a big miscommunication, I hope he gets another chance to prove that he can be an NBA player both on and off the court.