Recap: Heat 73, Cavs 69 (Or, The time everyone stopped caring)

July 17th, 2010 by John Krolik

We’re nearing the end of Vegas Summer League — I’m a bit burned out, and the Cavs looked like they were as well. Here are some quick notes:

Eyenga had one of his worst box scores of summer league, but he showed some of his best flashes. There was one sequence where Pooh Jeter tilted the floor on the pick-and-roll, found Eyenga on the weak side with a skip pass, and Eyenga slashed to the rim to get an easy layup against a scrambling defense. Basically, it was the exact kind of play Cavs point guards and LeBron James should have been making for the last seven years. Seeing Pooh Jeter and Christian Eyenga execute it was a strange experience.

Eyenga also showed some acumen in the post, draining a smooth lefty hook and showing good mechanics on a righty hook that came up short. Again, the type of stuff I always wanted to see from LeBron. Of course, Eyenga didn’t have a strong game, and he’s still a year away. Strange stuff to see in person. I should probably sleep.

Hickson didn’t give it his 100%, and that’s alright. He’s put in a good summer league, the team is going to need him next year, and he’s reached the point where he can put in a bad summer league performance.

Danny Green found his game today. He was all over the floor, he made shots, he did all the little things. Great game for him to build on going into the end of VSL and Summer League.

Bit of a step back for Pooh Jeter, but I’m still a fan. Hope to see him at training camp.

That’s about all I have for right now. Tomorrow’s my last day down in Vegas — it’s been crazy and fun. Until tomorrow, campers.