Cavs: The Podcast 0048: 2014 Finals Recap

June 16th, 2014 by Nate Smith

Are the 2014 Spurs the greatest team we’ve ever seen? After the Spurs victory, Tom and Nate hopped in the podcast booth to discuss the series. According to Tom, these Spurs are the greatest group of guys since Emilio Estevez coached the Mighty Ducks to the Minnesota state Pee Wee championship. San Antonio’s next task? Defeating world hunger in a seven game series. But seriously, the Spurs were pretty darned dominant. We talked about San Antonio, Manu, Timmy, Pop, Tony, and Kawhi and what this series means for the future of the NBA. How does it influence the Cavs draft, their coaching search, and where the members of the Heat end up playing next fall? Oh, and we decided that LeBron’s choice of where to play is no longer the most important NBA off-season news.

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