Recap: Cavs 88, D-League Select 82 (Or, the time the Cavs won without LeBron)

July 14th, 2010 by John Krolik

It’s Summer League, so these will be bullets:

-Hickson was more the same than different: flashes of greatness on offense, serious issues on defense. Here’s my Daily Dime piece on his play.

-Eyenga: raw as hell, but talented. Finished some plays when guys set him up with alley-oops or cuts to the basket, and has three-point range. Nothing else is there yet. No ball skills, questionable defensive fundamentals, and doesn’t know where to be. He’s at least a year away.

-Danny Green is a solid role player, but the Cavs asked him to do to much. If he can play the role he’s supposed to, he”ll be good.

-Pooh Jeter is one of those guys who’s perfect for VSL: he won’t make the NBA, but he’s confident enough to take over Summer League games.

-Macej Lampe — nice mid-range game for a big man. Not an NBA talent.

Honestly, that’s all I have for tonight. I love Kyle Lowry; more on him later. Wish he could have played next to LeBron. Alas.