LeBron to announce his decision on ESPN at 9 PM Thursday Night

July 6th, 2010 by John Krolik

According to several sources, LeBron will announce his free agency decision during a one-hour ESPN special scheduled to air  at 9 PM EST on Thursday night.

Yes, it’s another example of how LeBron is an ego case and loves the attention his free agency has brought him. We have known about both of these things for some time. I’m just glad that there will be no announcement, and there won’t be a race between writers trying to break the story or a series of crazy rumors and hearsay. It’s a stupid way to have to get the information, but at least we’ll know where LeBron is going immediately after the announcement is made. Good enough for me.

Also, this event suggests that LeBron is staying, right? It would be impressively cruel to announce he’s leaving to this kind of fanfare.