4th of July LeBron Thoughts

July 4th, 2010 by John Krolik

So apparently LeBron won’t make his decision tomorrow. That’s fine by me, because it’s Fourth of July Weekend and I had pre-existing plans to enjoy it. Here are some quick thoughts on the situation as it currently stands:

-Hornets are adamant that they won’t move Chris Paul. Raptors are apparently not interested in a sign-and-trade with Bosh. If a move like that doesn’t happen, I don’t see how Cleveland has enough talent to entice LeBron to stay. It would be a remarkable display of loyalty, and I think it remains a legitimate possibility.

-LeBron + Amare + D’Antoni would be a killer pick-and-roll offense. Too bad that team has so many gaping holes. No point guard, Gallinari can’t guard twos, no center, no draft picks, an out-and-out mess. He might get sucked in by that pitch, but I think he’d be much better staying with Cleveland and the solid structure they have in place. By the way “Carmelo and Tony Parker are coming next year” sounded to me like another argument against letting players come into the pros from high school. Be more gullible, dude.

-Man, that was stupid money Joe Johnson got. He’s a second banana, and not even a great one. We have known this for many years. Unbelievable.

-That’s all for now; treat this as an open free agency thread, and I’ll do my best to be on it if any major developments occur.