So Long For Now

May 18th, 2014 by Kevin Hetrick

I am largely stepping away from Cavs:the Blog. The primary reason is time constraints, mainly my kids, both of whom have outgrown naps, and also my increased job responsibilities.  I also try to exercise occasionally and co-started another NBA blog, I can’t find enough opportunities to contribute to C:tB, and without solid time investment, don’t want to let the other writers down.  Time to regroup and retool with me out of the way.

Writing here provided a fun outlet for three years, even though the Cavs struggled.  Hopefully recent front office and coaching changes finally put the franchise on the right track.  I liked a lot of the moves the team made in 2011 and 2012, so if they can unwind the missteps of 2013, the upcoming season can be the entertaining, exciting campaign that was hoped for this past summer.

Thanks to John Krolik for offering the opportunity to be a “Draft Expert” in 2011.  Also much credit to Colin McGowan for being an asshole and giving constructive writing tips.   Thanks to Tom Pestak and Nate Smith for venturing into with me.  Finally, thanks to anyone who took a minute to read anything I wrote.

I’ll still be watching and rooting for the Cavs.  Hopefully 2014 – 2015 brings big things.