Links To The Present: July 2, 2010 (Day 2)

July 2nd, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“So getting Scott, a coach with 10 years of experience and a strong playoff résumé, represented a success on several levels.” [Brian Windhorst]

“”He demands respect,” Brown said of Scott, his coach for two-plus seasons in New Orleans. “I really think he was a great hire for Cleveland. I think it was a move to show LeBron that they are serious about what they’re trying to do. I really think it’s a great fit.”” [Devin Brown on Byron Scott from Bill Lubinger’s Article]

Brian Windhorst’s FA Day 2 Recount

Funny line from Adande Article: “Meanwhile, the Clippers are given no chance of landing LeBron James, although he at least granted them an audience to make their pitch. (The fact that the Clippers celebrated the event by releasing a statement saying, “We are honored to be one of the select organizations to have been invited to meet with LeBron James and his team” ought to be grounds in itself for LeBron to cross them off his list.)”

Our good buddy Povtak with some wise words: “If he wins a title in Miami, what does it prove? That it took great players to help him accomplish what he is good enough to do by himself? Wade would always have one more ring than LeBron, and it’s a franchise still under the direction of Riley, arguably the finest coach in history. It would be the surest way for James to take a step backward in etching his legacy in basketball.”

I love watching Austin Carr cry when the Cavs win the LeBron lottery.

Not really sure if this is in jest or not – but I would vehemently argue that this is not “the American way”.  I do agree that the “haters” are hypocritical though.

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“Talking about Showtime running is a direct appeal to LeBron, in my opinion. Very important what he just said.” [Brian Windhorst]

“Scott on offense: “Being a running team starts in training camp. I believe we have the pieces in place.”” [Scott @ WFNY]

“Although he said LBJ is likely more talented than Kobe, Scott was asked the difference between the two. His answer: “five rings.”” [Joe Gabriele]