Links To The Present: July 1, 2010 (Day 1)

July 1st, 2010 by Tom Pestak

In the NBA, fortunes change quickly.  “When Byron Scott went to bed Tuesday night he was convinced he was not going to be the Cavaliers head coach. About 24 hours later he was agreeing to take the job. It will become official today.” [Brian Windhorst on Cavs hiring Byron Scott]

“Scott has coached two possible future Hall of Fame point guards. He had Jason Kidd in New Jersey, developing a relationship that led to the Nets reaching the NBA Finals in 2002 and 2003.” [Terry Pluto on Byron Scott]

“The Cavaliers are giving him one who started on one of the great teams of all-time. It has been a generation since Showtime went dark, but Scott had more credibility as a player than any Cavs coach except Lenny Wilkens, and more visibility, since it was practically “Hollywood and the Stars” in hardwood, than any of them.” [Bill Livingston on Byron Scott Being the kind of Coach LeBron Desires]

“They brought a rack full of luggage and computer equipment for their presentation to James. A little less than two hours later the Nets group left with smiles.  “It went well,” Johnson told The Plain Dealer, briefly showing a specially-made folder with James face above a Nets’ logo.” [Brian Windhorst on the FA Circus]

According to ESPN’s panel of experts, LeBron is GONE.

“Of course, LeBron’s view of the hiring doesn’t mean he’ll be back in Cleveland for sure. But it certainly doesn’t hurt that he seems to be agreeable with the Scott hire.” [ESPN Rumors]

“”It would be like ‘Twister,’ that movie where a tornado comes through town and tears everything up,” Scott said. “It will be so drastic there will be nothing left of that team. … If LeBron leaves, Cleveland will become a ghost town. It will be like it used to be. You just go into (Quicken Loans Arena) and play your game and leave.”” [Chris Tomasson on Cleveland Minus LBJ]

What’s in the Box?

“James is in the rare position of having everything to gain but also everything to lose. If this works, he can start collecting title rings. If it doesn’t, he’ll have wasted the chance of a lifetime. You see a guy with choices. I see a guy with perspiration stains.” [Gene Wojciechowski]

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