Midnight Windhorst Rumor Dump!!

June 30th, 2010 by John Krolik

Well, one exciting thing happened at approximately 12:01 Eastern Standard Time: Brian Windhorst’s Twitter feed blew up with some Cavs rumors. Here they are, with my quick analysis in┬áparentheses:

Sometime today the #Cavs are expected to contact Brendan Haywood. There is a chance of a double sign-and-trade to Dallas with Shaq.

(Great, great move. Cavs desperately need a defense-and-rebounding center. Heck, they desperately needed a quality defense-and-rebounding center last year. Former Wizards frontcourt for the win.)

#Cavs also expected to contact shooting guards Ray Allen, John Salmons and Mike Miller at some point on July 1.

(Love, love love Ray Allen, even after the Finals. Don’t see him leaving Boston now that Doc is coming back. Really a family over there, and CLE is a bit of a mess. Really like Mike Miller, although I do have questions about his defense. I think LeBron would be able to get Miller open looks, and convince him to actually shoot when he gets them. No thank you to Salmons.)

The Cavs obviously will have interest in Chris Bosh & Amare’ Stoudemire, but likely would not get serious unless they re-sign LeBron.

(Catch-22. I feel like Bosh doesn’t really want to come here, and we’ve been through this with Amar’e before. Still, hope is a wonderful thing.)