Two Quick Things That You Should Know

April 20th, 2009 by John Krolik

This doesn’t fit into a full post, but I feel it deserves mention: If you don’t think John Hollinger performs a valuable service, you’re dumb. It’s that simple. 

Checking his playoff stats page, I noticed something that jumped off the page a wee bit: LeBron James had an absolutely fantastic game against Detroit, and as such his PER currently stands at 48.64. That you’d expect. However, Hollinger has added two new stats, the latter of which is a combination of PER and minutes played to give a rough estimate of “wins added.” LeBron’s wins added is the best after one game at .8. Now, if we remember, LeBron has played one game. This would seem to me that LeBron, by himself, did 80% of what would have been expected from our team to get a win. I don’t think this stat is perfect, but that’s impressive either way.

I realize I may have left you dissatisfied with this post, so I give you the single greatest commercial of all time.

Me and my friend were watching TV one day, talking over the commercials, and then that came on. We replayed it at least 10 times and were on the floor, tears coming out of our eyes, when it was done. I’m not sure if it’s actually great, or was just the perfect thing at the time. But let it be known that someone at Six Flags has a finely tuned sense of the absurd, which makes me both happy and extremely sad.

That’s all for tonight. Mike Brown is the coach of the year. The Celtics refuse to die. Rajon Rondo is an intelligent mega-polymer. The Spurs are a Silver Gleaming Death Machine. See you tomorrow.