Links To The Present: June 22, 2010

June 22nd, 2010 by Tom Pestak

Ironically, LeBron James has become a political talking point despite the fact that he has kept a relatively non-controversial political profile.   Although I don’t condone politicians meddling in NBA FA affairs, I hope John Kasich realizes that many more jobs will be lost if LBJ doesn’t stay in Ohio.  The govt needs to make business attractive in Ohio, and LeBron James is night-life business in Downtown Cleveland.

“James is close friends with Paul, and the Cavs star even flew to Winston-Salem, N.C., shortly after Cleveland’s Eastern Conference semifinals loss to the Boston Celtics to attend a birthday party for Paul’s son. James was joined by his business manager, Maverick Carter, who has been trying to pilfer Paul from Octagon, which represents Paul. James’ marketing company, LRMR, has wanted Paul to invest in the business and become some kind of partner, sources said.” [Adrian Wojnarowski on Pilfering Paul]

“I happen to think that James will eventually sign with the Cavs, perhaps a 3-year deal. If he does, it will make my day. He does make this town more fun, and he has generally handled himself very well given his incredible celebrity and coming into $100 million at the age of 18.But if he leaves, it really shouldn’t be something that ruins anyone’s life. The rest of the country may think we’re miserable, but we’re smarter and tougher than that.” [Terry Pluto’s Words of Wisdom]

“Being a free agent after two years of shrinking salary caps isn’t most desirable situation for a star. Yet signing a long-term contract this summer is imperative because of an uncertain future linked to next year’s expiration of the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement.” [Brian Windhorst on the CBA]

From Brian Windhorst’s Twitter, seems Delonte a likely trade candidate over Mo Williams.

“In the end, that’s Wesley’s message. Take care of your own business, on and off the court. Get your degree. Run your affairs. Show up to practice. Make a lot of money. Players want those things, and that’s why they trust him. And that trust is why this summer the world is catching on to the idea that he may be the most important man in sports.” [Henry Abbott on World Wide Wes]

“Expect the Heat to sell LeBron on the organization itself. Micky Arison is one of the most respected owners in the league and has never been afraid to spend or make a big move.” [Chad Ford on the Miami Heat minus the last 3 years]

Nice article on Undrafted Players, highlighting J Moon

Neil Paine Breaks down the Kobe v LeBron v Boston using a Monte Carlo simulation.