#CavsRank Grande Finale

March 26th, 2014 by Tom Pestak

It’s the moment of truth. Tomorrow, FearTheSword will unveil the 2nd most highly-ranked Cavalier of all time, as voted by a group of passionate Cavs fans and writers.  On Friday, we will pay tribute to the people’s champ, the winner of #CavsRank2014.  It will appear on Cavs:The Blog.  Buckle your seatbelts.  Predictions?

Get yourself up to speed on #CavsRank and start complaining about all the blown rankings and youth bias on twitter or in the comment sections.

#CavsRank Introduction and Authors

#20: Mo Williams & Nate Thurmond by Carter Rodriguez, Real Cavs Fans.
#19: Craig Ehlo by David Zavac, Fear the Sword.
#18: Lenny Wilkens by Jacob Rosen, WFNY.
#17: Bingo Smith by Scott Raab.
#16: Ron Harper by Ben Cox, WFNY.
#15: Andre Miller by Kirk Lammers, WFNY.
#14: Jim Chones by Ryan Mourton, Fear the Sword.
#13: Campy Russell by Ryan Mourton, Fear the Sword.
#12: Shawn Kemp by Robert Attenweiler, Cavs: The Blog.
#11: Hot Rod Williams by Kevin Hetrick, Cavs: The Blog.
#10: World B. Free by Scott Sargent, WFNY.
#9:  Anderson Varejao by Andrew Schnitkey, WFNY.
#8:  Kyrie Irving by Mallory Factor, Cavs: The Blog.
#7:  Terrell Brandon by Ben Cox, WFNY.
#6:  Austin Carr by Cleveland Jackson, Stepien Rules.
#5:  Zydrunas Ilgauskas by Kirk Lammers, WFNY. Nate Smith, Cavs: The Blog. Tom Pestak, Cavs: The Bog.
#4:  Larry Nance by Robert Attenweiler, Cavs:The Blog.
#3:  Brad Daugherty by Robert Attenweiler, Cavs: The Blog.
#2:  LeBron James by Justin Rowan, FearTheSword.
#1:  Mark Price by Tom Pestak, Cavs: The Blog.