Links to the Present: Branding Edition

March 21st, 2014 by David Wood

Look at that handwriting!

Dion Waiters is branding himself as part of the Cleveland community.  March Madness is here, so Dion is taking part in the annual Plain Dealer celebrity bracket challenge with the Brown’s Josh Gordon, the Tribe’s Cory Kluber, and former Ohio State University football player Christian Bryant.  Dion is my favorite Cav right now mainly because he went to Syracuse at the same time I did.  His handwriting is also quite similar to mine, so he has that going for him now too.  I’ll have to follow up on his bracket and see how he did.


Adam Silver said this week that ads will probably be on NBA jerseys in the next five years, and almost immediately, an online graphic artist named Dead Dilly did some early designs of branded jerseys.  The advertisers he picked to go with the teams are the best part.  The Bucks got paired with Google, and the Mavs got paired with Ralph Lauren.

When the Cavs set the record for 26 consecutive losses two seasons ago, I thought that it was something the team could hold onto unlike LeBron James.  The odds are against us once again as Philadelphia has now been made a favorite to break the record by Las Vegas sports books.

The Cavs may be looking to brand themselves as the team that takes the lesser talented of two brothers.  Jason Lloyd is reporting there is a chance we sign Seth Curry to a ten day contract on Saturday.  Watch out, Tyler Zeller, there may be a new supposedly less talented brother headed to the team.

The Cavs are still in the race for a playoff spot according to the Hollinger playoff machine.  When will our chances be totally at zero? I’m predicting that if two more losses occur the 4/10th of a  percent we are clinging to disappears.

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