Links to the Present: Distractions Edition

March 19th, 2014 by David Wood
Hopefully Kyrie Irving is feeling this relaxed about Dion Waiters' breakout game.  No jealousy right?

Hopefully Kyrie Irving is feeling this relaxed about Dion Waiters’ breakout game. No jealousy right?

I’m feeling good.  Kyrie Irving may be out for two weeks, but Dion Waiters posted his first NBA double double against the Miami Heat last night, and the Cavs legitimately held their own against a 43 point LeBron James performance.  Luol Deng wasn’t even playing, and Alonzo Gee was able to be a real replacement dunking on LeBron and making some threes.  I’m going to distract myself for a little bit to keep thinking we will keep this transcendent Kyrieless play up.

Television is a go to for distraction, and online videos are a close second.  If you haven’t seen the Cavs’ 3D floor projection pregame video from the Zydrunas Ilgauskas jersey retirement game, prepare to be amazed.  We should use that for every single game.

Bob Finnan of The Morning Journal & The News-Herald had some musings about Mike Brown’s future with the Cavs a few days ago.

The biggest reason [Dan Gilbert] probably won’t fire Brown is the latter signed a five-year, $20 million deal last summer. The final year of the deal isn’t guaranteed, but if the Cavs decide to part ways with him at the end of the year, he would get a severance check in the neighborhood of $12 million.
That’s a lot of money not to coach.

You know you’re doing something right when you aren’t being fired because you make too much money.  Let the mediocrity continue.

Jason Lloyd of The Akron Beacon Journal quotes some positive thoughts from LeBron James in his notes about last night’s game against Miami.

“From the beginning of the season, the acquisitions Chris Grant was able to bring in I thought would make them a better team,” [LeBron James] said. “Bringing in Bynum, bringing in Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark, I thought that would make them a better team. Obviously it has not worked out that way.”

I’m hopeful that someday in the future LeBron is never in the Cavs’ front office if he thought Earl Clark and Jarrett Jack were going to be the improved parts needed for our team this year.

If you need some things to ponder about the Cavs while Irving is out, check out this article by Jared Mueller at the Factory Of Sadness blog.  Did last night’s game answer any of the questions he posed?

Tyler Zeller and Tim Duncan have a lot in common.  They are both abnormally tall and played four years in college.  Their skills aren’t equal, but maybe some day Zeller will join Duncan on Ben Golliver’s All Four-Year Team.  Kyrie made the All One-And-Done team alongside players such as Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.

Rushing the floor is no longer a problem at Quicken Loans Arena.  The security team must be reading fan tweets according to this piece about an aborted floor rushing by Eric Freeman at the Ball Don’t Lie blog.

To cap your daily distraction from the Cavs, check out what happens when Deadspin writer Drew Magary takes over the Atlanta Hawks’ twitter account.  After renaming them the Atlanta Death Hawks, he took off unleashing lots of wisdom about birds.

What would the Cavs’ new name be?  I’m hoping it’s the Crushing Cavs or the Cascading Cavs and we flop more.


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