Links To The Present: June 14, 2010

June 14th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

“Izzo did not speak to media members Monday morning when he arrived at Michigan State for the start of his annual youth basketball camp. He declined to discuss the Cavs when a camper asked him a question about it during his address to the group.” [Brian Windhorst on Tom Izzo]

“2. Scott is a former Laker who wants that job. He moved back to Los Angeles after being fired by New Orleans early last season, and prefers the West Coast. Scott knows that he can be the next Avery Johnson. He can do some TV and wait for a team to hire him. He doesn’t have to grab the first offer.” [Terry Pluto on Byron Scott]

“But James “100 percent” would endorse Izzo’s hiring, the source said.” [Brian Windhorst]

“All along, James has not planned to speak to coaching candidates or lobby for certain coaches to replace Mike Brown. James, according to a source, has not spoken with Izzo about the job or his future and currently has no plans to do so.” [Brian Windhorst]

“As for his questions about where Cleveland’s organization stands with James, one source said Izzo “isn’t even sure who has a relationship with [James].”” [Adrian Wojnarowksi]

“As much as anything, the Cavaliers are giving the franchise completely over to James and his inner circle now.” [Adrian Wojnarowksi Last Week]

“Wade has always seemed to play second fiddle to James, especially when it comes to this summer. But here, he can effectively position himself as different. Maybe he’s not the same unprecedented talent, but he’s close. And unlike James, he already has a ring, and zero questions about who he really is as an athlete.  LeBron is still LeBron. Wade, though, is being about hundred times more shrewd here. He may end up stealing the show this summer while making as little racket as possible.” [Bethlehem Shoals on D Wade and LeBron]

“Unfortunately for the Cavs, they may not be able to wait that long. Given Izzo’s 27 years of loyalty at Michigan State, it seems unlikely he would leave the school in a state of limbo for several more weeks — especially given the way students and fans have responded to the possibility of his departure with an outpouring of support.” [Matt Watson of FanHouse]

I like this post by Neil Paine.  He sets out to show support for Kobe Bryant’s back-breaking night of carrying teammates, yet Pau Gasol (game 2) appears higher on his “Best Performances in a Finals Loss” chart.