Notes and Errata: June 11th, 2010

June 11th, 2010 by John Krolik

As it stands now, looks like everybody’s waiting on Izzo’s decison. He seems to be leaning towards coming to Cleveland, although his “sick of recruiting” comment makes me nervous: doesn’t he know that taking the Cleveland gig comes with taking the ultimate recruiting job?

If Izzo doesn’t come, it’s more feelers to big-name candidates, including Byron Scott. It’s pretty much a Catch-22 at this point: the Cavs want a big coach so that they can convince LeBron to stay, but no big coach will come unless they think they’re coaching LeBron.

Ultimately, it bodes well for Mike Brown’s future that Avery Johnson got a head coaching gig. Also, this is one more nail in the “LeBron will come to New Jersey/Brooklyn” coffin — I doubt a coach with a Mike Brown-like resume will excite him.

-NBA Finals stuff: it was one of those games where Kobe did everything wrong, but still ended up with 33 points on 61.1% True Shooting, because he is that good at making crazy shots sometimes. Only four two-point field goals for Kobe, and none of them came from inside the paint.

-Good for Big Baby and “Honey, I shrunk J.R. Smith.”  Nice to see them do what Leon Powe did in the 2008 finals.

-Well, Derek Fisher and Rasheed Wallace went back to their regularly scheduled sucking on offense, although ‘Sheed did play solid defense and hit one big three.

-If the Lakers lose because injuries make Bynum a non-factor YET AGAIN, he becomes a legitimately tragic figure. It’s one thing to be Greg Oden, and another to have to sit and watch a team go to three straight finals with their starting center forced to sit.

-Alright, that’s all for tonight. We’ll keep you updated on the coaching situation as new stuff develops.