Links To The Present: June 9, 2010

June 9th, 2010 by Tom Pestak

UPDATE (7:15 EST)”Dan Gilbert already seemed to pull the sword from the stone once when he got Ohio to approve casinos after numerous failed attempts. He just may be on the verge of doing it again.” [Brian Windhorst]

WFNY Believes Tom Izzo will accept the Cavaliers Coaching Decision

“Clearly upset with stories in the national media speculating on James’ lording over the Cavs’ decisions, Gilbert sought to send out a message that he and Grant are the ones in charge.” [Brian Windhorst]

“The promotion of Grant was overwhelmed by all the Izzo rumors, and that seemed to have them off message. They could have done a better job of explaining what Grant will do in his new position.” [Terry Pluto]

“Is he the right coach for the Cavs? An NBA executive told me, “If you have to pick between Mo Cheeks, Monty Williams, Jeff Van Gundy, Byron Scott, some inexperienced NBA assistants — or Izzo — you may go with Tom. But he has to be fully committed. Also, he has to have LeBron James, or why do it?”” [Terry Pluto on Tom Izzo]

“”It’s hard to put a percentage on which way coach will go,” Peterson said. “I mean, MSU has a chance at something special next year. They could win the national championship. So with that in mind, it would take something really special for him to leave. I don’t see coach leaving Michigan State unless LeBron stays.”” [Mo Pete from Branson Wright’s Article]

Meanwhile, Joel Ferguson, the chairman of the Michigan State Board of Trustees, said Izzo already turned down an offer from the Chicago Bulls this offseason, The Detroit News reported.  “Chicago made an offer to him,” Ferguson said, according to the report. “Tom didn’t run and say ‘[Chicago] made an offer, [so MSU] has to up the ante.’ ” [ESPN]

“The Post reported that Geffen has been chasing the Clippers “for quite some time” and told Sterling at a dinner last Friday that “he can deliver LeBron as long as he’s calling the shots.”” [ESPN Los Angeles]

“”He’s my friend,” Calipari said of James. “I’ve gotten to know him over the years. He’s one of the neatest guys because he’s loyal to his friends and if anybody knows me, being Italian, it’s about family and friends and being loyal to each other. He’s as loyal as I’ve ever seen. But he holds people accountable around him.” [John Calipari on LBJ from Andy Katz’ Article]

Jay-Z NOT gunning for LBJ, but may be gunning for some hotel room…or something.

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“There is a feeling at MSU that a decision could come soon because of the stress this is causing. But lots of conjecture both ways “[BW]

“Aside: Last time I said “gamechanger” was Knicks getting 2nd max slot. If David Geffen gets piece of Clippers: Gamechanger. Big IF.” [BW]

“Yeah, that’s right MSM, we decided to throw away 2+ yrs of hard work building our site by just making up a random story. Give me a break” [Rock @ WFNY]

“Sources are saying that Tom Izzo has accepted the Cavaliers offer to become their 19th head coach in team history. Trying to follow up.” [DugoutSportsShow]

Sources: Michigan State players came away from meeting fearing Izzo was leaving for #Cavs. But Izzo telling people no decision yet.” [BW]