Tom Izzo, The Finals, other things

June 7th, 2010 by John Krolik

-So, Tom Izzo. This is the part where I again have to admit that I don’t really watch college basketball. My friends who do are almost unanimously huge fans, though. And lord knows the Cavs could have used one of his infamous rebounding drills during the playoffs this year. (Yes, I just learned about those drills from Wikipedia.)

I will say that I’m a little disturbed that the only common denominator among the potential candidates seems to be name recognition. I realize that a big-name coach gives the Cavs the best chance of keeping LeBron, and that keeping LeBron is priority 1-2,684 this off-season, but I’d really like to see that the Cavs are looking for a coach who will fulfill their basketball-related needs first and foremost.

-On another note, the head coaching candidate who has actually been coaching NBA players, and well, in the recent future just signed with the Bulls. Did anyone see the defensive schemes the Celtics broke out tonight to keep Kobe contained? 11 of his last 12 games he’s scored 30 or more, and all of a sudden he can’t cough without three Celtic defenders getting germs on them. Thibodeau’s going to build one heck of a defense around Noah.

-NBA Finals notes: I seriously, seriously doubt that Ray Allen is going to be available for the mid-level exception this off-season. My Allen-to-the-Cavs pipe dream is holding on by the thinnest possible thread.

-Kobe’s the most complete offensive player in the league, but Ray Allen is in the yearbook picture. Sometimes games like this actually underrate him, because people think he’s just a shooter. He’s the best three-point shooter of all time, but he’s also so much more. When he comes off that screen, he can make the pocket pass so well, he can get to the rim, he can pull up, and he’s confident in his shot from anywhere on the floor, something a lot of great spot-up shooters aren’t. I love watching Ray Allen when he’s on. And not playing the Cavs.

-Kobe subpar game against the Celtics double standard something something. I’ve stopped caring. Plus, he’s probably going to go off and win at least one of those games in Boston by himself.

-As I’m writing about Allen, the incomparable Kevin Arnovitz has just put up his video breakdown of Ray Allen’s night. So there you go.

-Rasheed Wallace was a +15 in 18 minutes tonight. I’m too confused and fascinated to remember that I really don’t like Rasheed Wallace. At some point, the science takes precedence over emotion. We must learn how Rasheed Wallace can conserve energy like he did this regular season without atrophying his game. It could be the key to a manned Mars voyage.

Alright, that’s all for tonight. Until later.